Get Ready, We’re Coming Your Way!

Meet Thomas and Monika, the visionary founders and Pastors of Familiengemeinde Langenthal – a dynamic church with a heart for its community and  mission. Through a variety of programs, they’re reaching out to make a positive impact right in the heart of their city. As ordained ministers of the RMAI Rhema Ministerial Association International, their commitment is deeply rooted.

With over two decades of experience, Thomas has been an integral part of the teaching staff at the renowned Gospel Training Center in Switzerland. Their shared passion for spreading the Gospel has taken them to more than 30 nations, including Albania, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, England, Ireland, Bolivia, Myanmar, and Lebanon, just to name a few.

Fuelled by a profound desire to evangelize Europe, they facilitate connections among believers, ministries, and churches for short-term mission trips. Their aim is to empower local churches to engage in effective evangelism within their communities. Practical application of God’s Word lies at the core of their ministry approach, driving meaningful impact.

With a journey of over three decades together, Thomas and Monika stand as a testament to enduring love and shared purpose. They’re proud parents to four incredible adult children.

If you’re interested in learning more about our ministry, we invite you to get in touch. We’re excited to connect with you and explore the possibilities together!

Munich, Germany

26.-27. January 2024

Rhema Bible Training Center


Beirut, Lebanon

7. -13. February 2024

Church of God, Life Center 


24. – 30. April 2024

Visiting different churches around the nation of Hungary.

Hamburg, Germany

28. – 29. Juni 2024

Rhema Bible Training Center, Hamburg

Schwarzenbach, Germany

16. – 17. August 2024

Rhema Bible Training Center, Schwarzenbach

Beirut, Lebanon

27.-28. September 2024

Rhema Bible Training Center, Beirut

Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien

5. – 13. Oktober

Mission Possible